Whole Eggs or Egg Whites?

Only dorks eat egg whites.

Men who train naturally especially need whole eggs, not just the egg whites.

When you choose egg whites only, you rob yourself of quite a few of nutrients: vitamins B2, B12, choline, vitamin D and iron. Choline in particular is such an important brain nutrient, dropping the yolks not only makes you dumber, but proves you are dumber.

When you choose egg whites only, you also rob yourself of your gains. Science is still unsure of the metabolic pathways responsible for it – transcriptional or protein translational control of protein synthesis are possible answers – but consuming whole eggs can mean a +40% increase in protein synthesis when compared to egg whites only.

Whole eggs consumption also improves insulin sensitivity. An interesting study shows that daily consumption of one large egg may reduce the risk of diabetes without having any adverse effects on lipid profiles in individuals with pre- and type II diabetes. 

What about the reported health concerns? Well, the studies that showed that eating eggs raised cholesterol were done by the cereal board. And back then, they didn’t differentiate between the types of cholesterol, so the studies were invalid.

Eggs can raise cholesterol, yes – the HDL, the cardio-protective cholesterol.

I recommend you eat cage free, Omega-3 eggs, as they supply at least 150 mg of DHA per egg, which will again provide an essential nutrient for brain health.

Besides, did you know that a whole egg has the same anti-oxidant potential as an apple?

If you’re going to have them, don’t be a pansy, eat the whole thing

Note:  Sadly, eggs are one the most common food intolerances, so do your homework and make sure you can enjoy them.

Coach Charles R. Poliquin