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Who Are The Highest Paid Personal Trainers in The World?

I often get asked the question, who are the highest paid personal trainers in the World?

Without a doubt:  the Australians!

Why? Does kangaroo meat improve their stretch-shortening cycle? Is the water loaded with xeno-estrogens which makes them balance out their  masculine/feminine sides?

No. What makes them superior is better knowledge. Australians value education, and its rewards.

It does not matter if I teach in Montreal, Dubai or Helsinki, Australians show up.

When I post a class anywhere, Australians never post moronic posts such as:

When you will teach in Wagga Wagga? When are you coming to EAST Melbourne?

Australians will show up, where the class is does not matter. Hence they get the education, apply it, make more money, then take more classes and make even more money, because they can get the price they ask for their services as their clients get the results.

Now if you look at the non-Aussies who do EXTREMELY well, such as Damien Maher (IRE), Nick Mitchell (UK/SPA), Michael Pellegrino (UK/MON), they do the same thing.

The moral of the story:

Australian earn more because they value their investment in learning more.

Learn and grow,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin