Wed 03Faster Strength Gains Through Brain Boosting

By Annette Verpillot, CEO of Posturepro In the world of sports, enhancing performance through brain training still remains relatively new [...]

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twice a day workouts, deux séances par jour, entrenar dos veces al día

Thu 08Twice a Day Workouts For Hamstrings Mass and Strength

For mass and strength, twice a day workouts are the way to go This is particularly true for a muscle [...]

Acelerar Os Ganhos de Força

Tue 02Can Improved Posture Accelerate Strength Gains?

Guest blog by Annette Verpillot, President, Posturepro  Here’s what you need to know… 1. Bad posture increases muscle strain and [...]

Mon 11This Golden-Ratio Will Tell You If You Train Too MUCH or Too LITTLE

I just posted on Facebook that I needed some subjects to write on. Ed Coan, multiple world record holder, multiple [...]

strength coaching

Sun 085 Things Experts in Strength Coaching Do

By Jerome Simian, founder of Synaptic Athletics I took my first course with Charles Poliquin in Montreal in 1997. That [...]

faster footballers

Mon 07Faster Footballers: 8 Training Insights

by Moritz Klatten, Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany Although some footballers from the past were so individually gifted they would succeed in [...]

neck training

Sun 04Critical Neck Training for Boxers

by Moritz Klatten Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany When coaches design a strength training program for boxers, they usually start by [...]

Tue 03The Science of Developing Punching Power

There are many legends in the sport of boxing The ones who get the most attention are usually the big [...]