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Solving the Training Frequency Riddle : Video

Solving the Riddle of Training Frequency

Strength Sensei delineates 3 rules that govern training frequency.

training frequency

Rule number ONE

Optimal training frequency depends on your ultimate goal. As a rule of thumb, the higher your standard is the higher the training frequency needs be. The level of strength you are aiming at will dictate how many workouts will prove necessary.

At any rate, frequency is exercise specific. Hence the optimal frequency will vary depending on what lift you are training for. For instance, squats require a frequency of 9-15 workouts per week for best results. And working out twice a day every 5 days seems to yield the best results for bench press.

Rule number TWO

There is no secret, frequency will get you to world class level. There is no way around this. Besides, no matter the level of expertise you covet, higher frequency will get you there, in a hurry.

However you need to understand that it is a gradual endeavor. It takes over 3-5 years of serious training to reach the top range of volume and frequency.

Rule number THREE

Frequency is a very effective training parameter when periodized. In the words of my mentor Pierre Roy, “there are 3 keys to strength success: number 1 is hard work, number 2 is hard work” and you’ve guessed it, “number 3 is hard work.” Chew on it!

A very effective way to implement higher training frequency is to max out the volume and frequency during a period of 2 weeks. Then back off for one week. Once you’ve reached the point of depression and joint pain it is time to put the brakes on and rest. At this time a phenomenon known as super compensation will take place. (Have a look at my super accumulation protocol which cashes in on this principle.)

Coach Charles R. Poliquin