Train More Efficiently With a Physiological Assessment – Updated


Every serious trainee needs a physiological assessment.


You need to know what your limiting factors and your strengths are before you embark on a program and fashion the behaviors associated with those goals.

Lets say you want to lose fat. Your main enemy is the fact that you never met a carbohydrate that you did not like… Then, it would be essential to make an assessment of your morning insulin and glucose, Hb1ac, challenged insulin, etc…

Lets say you want to gain muscle, then it would be good to assess your androgen profile, your estrogen, profile, your zinc status etc… Why? For example, if your zinc status is lower than the probability of Paris Hilton solving the World financial crisis, there is no way you will be able to manage your excessive inflammation and have enough androgens to achieve your muscle mass goals.

Yes, you cannot program the best physique/strength/body composition programs without knowing your physiology. The point is that mediocrity is the highest form of selfishness. Don’t come and piss and moan for no results, if you did not assess your physiology.

Your physiology does not lie. Your Hb1Ac is not going down, and you did cut your carbs? Bullshit. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it is raining.

Your physiological assessment will help fashion the goals, and keep you honest.

Coach Charles R. Poliquin