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My Top Seven Best Gyms in the World

One of the best gyms in the world is my home gym,  as Joe Polish  has shown on video

It is one of the top in the World and has all the best stuff from Eleiko, Watson, Atlantis and Prime. Olympic Gold medalist Helen Maroulis says that it is sprayed with strength building dust. Strength coaches who have been to my house are blown away by the variety and quality of it.  So when I go out of town, I am looking for the best gyms to train.

However because of my constant travel, I got to train in over 74 countries. So I have decided to pick my top seven best gyms.

All the gyms given below have these 2 things in common:

  • Great atmosphere. Serious work being done;
  • Loads of hardcore equipment

These are the best gyms I have found. In alphabetical order, they are;

Atlantis Gym in Laval

The gym is 60,000 square feet of top notch equipment. Atlantis has made equipment to my specifications for over twenty five years. No queueing, always has plenty for every body. This gym has also seen the greatest number of pro bodybuilders in Canada.



Dmitry Klokov was blown away by the extent of the selection of equipment. I’m sure you can see why



Das Gym in  Vienna

This gym is owned by the Pürzel brothers. To be fair it is the ultimate meathead gym. How many gyms do you know have chin up bars in the showers?



 Even each locker has a nickname: bitch tits, Dave Draper, etc..

Their grip building section alone is bigger than most personal training boutiques.

They have a giant screen playing motivational pieces 24/7. I have only been there once. However, I can’t wait to go back. In fact, I’m going there in a few weeks just to enjoy!

Das Gym has more toys for grip than any other gym I have seen.


 Genesis Gym in London U.K.

Belongs to Dave Beattie, powerlifter extraordinaire, former British commando. This gym is not for wussies. There is some really cool stuff in there. Certainly worth the drive if you are in London. The Rock trained there when he was filming Fast and Furious


Dave Beattie giving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a few pointers on squat



Doherty’s in Brunswick, Australia

This gym belongs to my friend Tony Doherty, who partners with Arnie for the Arnold Classic series. When in Melbourne, I always train there. He does a great job at staffing his place with friendly helpful people. Feels like my second home.




Shredded Strength Institute , Perth, Australia

 This gym is owned by Kelly Martinovich and Marty Williams who are both detail freaks. They are constantly upgrading their gym and up skilling themselves. They do a great job at both, looking after their clients and getting them in superb shape. I’m always looking forward to go there.




Ultimate Performance in Marbella, Spain

I am strongly biased as I had a great time debating with Nick Mitchell which equipment to buy. You can increase your vitamin D3 between sets and the view on the strongman terrace lifts up your spirit. This is where I like teaching in Europe the most. It is definitely the best gym in Europe south of Vienna. I have had a few hypertrophy bootcamps there, and the students were blown away.





Töölö Gym in Helsinki, Finland

A real old school gym that reminds me of the eighties gym I used to frequent. Staff is friendly; for example, my daughter, who was eight year old at the time, was waiting for me to go through my workout, and the receptionist got her into rope skipping to pass time.



So if you are in any of those towns, please check them out. They are worth the visit, and I guarantee you will have a great workout. They definitely deserve to be called the best gyms in the world.

In Strength,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin