Student Success – 10-Week Transformation by Coach Riad Hechame

The Student Success series will feature some our leaders’ accomplishments, be it physique transformation, sports perfomance or athletic merit. The goal is to inspire the new generation of strength coaches and emphasize the results coach Poliquin’s students enjoy. Stay tuned

The 10-Week Transformation Of Daniel Bloemertz

Training Daniel was a great pleasure to me. Daniel is one who took my advice to heart. He always wanted to know the reason behind things but once he has understood there was no way back. If I would asked to perform 100 reps he would have asked how many sets of them.

We have known from the beginning we would have only 7 or maximally 10 weeks. Therefore it was clear for me I need to train him on one to one basis. This gave me the advantage to quickly teach him the basics and soon start with the hard work, which gave him these excellent results in such a narrow time frame.

As always I like to monitor all progress parameter closely. Target for me was to get him lean and strong as fast as possible. The following parameters have been monitored on a regular basis:

  • Body fat and hormonal profile using the Metabolic Analytics© Method,
  • Sleep hours,
  • His ability to recover from a hard workout session,
  • Mental focus, motivation and drive,
  • Energy level during the sessions and throughout the day.


Bellow Daniel’s opinion about his 10 weeks transformation.

When I started with my coach Riad, I thought I had few weeks, lets train a bit and lose may be three or four Kgs. I always saw those before and after pictures on the web and thought that those must be fake. No body could lose that much of fat in so a short time. With time I saw the fat melting away regularly and it started to make more fun to challenge my self and follow the advises of my coach. I’m very happy with my transformation. I’ve lost 14Kg in 10 weeks. Numbers I never thought they would be possible. I only can say if you want to lose fat and get strong call Riad