Havyk Dumbbell, grip training

Strong Tool for a Powerful Grip Training

A Good Grasp on Grip Training

Anyone who has been reading my website for a while cannot fail to notice that one thing I’m a bit proponent of grip training. Not just because it can impact your biceps and triceps development, as well as your forearm girth. It’s also because it is a major factor of sports performance in certain sports. For example, it was one of the aspect I worked on with the female athletes of USA Wrestling. It culminated with Helen Maroulis’ Gold medal win at the 2016 Rio Olympics. It will also play a big part in the training of the USA Judo athletes as I’m now sponsoring this federation as well.  

Grip training has benefits for both hypertrophy and sports performance. As such I have a lot of different grip tools in my home gym. I’m always on the lookout for novel and innovative ways to improve grip strength. This has made me one of the first proponent of fat grip dumbbells and barbells in the Iron Game industry.  This idea has since then gained traction and has influenced a lot of gym equipment companies to provide people with fat grip dumbbell and thick grip handles such as FatGripz.

Enter the Havyk Dumbbell

The latest tool I’ve been introduced to is the Havyk Dumbbell. I have been able to use it while shooting videos at powerlifting champion Mark Bell’s SuperTraining Gym in California. This is a tri-handle dumbbell with handles that go from utra-fat grip to “medium” fat grip to conventional grip. As the size of the handle decreases, the number of motor-unit you can recruit improves dramatically. Hence a great use for the Havyk Dumbbell is a drop set where you go from the thickest handle to the smallest one. The best results come from doing reps to failure on each type of grip.

Sport science buffs will also recognize that this implement looks like some of the ones famed exercise physiologist Vladimir Zatsiorski used in the “Strength Development” chapter of his seminal book “Science and Practice of Strength Training”. This implement changed the force curve of the exercise, which is also a benefit of Havyk Dumbbell.

A tool that offers both 3 types of handle thickness and a varying strength curve will be a great addition to any serious strength coach’s arsenal.