Strength Sensei Update

Charles passing has given rise to all kind of questions – some more legitimate than others – what exactly happened? Who is doing all the talking now? What about the classes? Who can the fitness community turn to now? Who is going to be the next Charles?

As to the cause of death, nobody knows, since the autopsy report has not come out yet. It is as simple as that. These things take longer than you would expect from movies. We, as a team, get our share of inquiries as regards to the cause of death. While curiosity is understandable, some people can only be described as obnoxious and most fail to realize that we not only lost our boss, we have lost a member of our family. So, please be patient!

Who is Strength Sensei’s voice? Some of you were wondering about social media. Well, as should be expected, Charles did not have the time to be everywhere at once, teaching, coaching, writing material, answering questions on social media, and designing and posting content. He had a team to help him. And the team just kept doing its job as the good soldiers that we are. So the voices of social media are people who have been doing this for a long time: Patrick and Luce.

Now you may be wondering, who is the team exactly? Those of you that went to the grand opening got a chance to meet us and listen to Charles colorful introductions.

Karin is the marketing maestro, customer service, and the master of the calendar! She is the only person that could make Charles keep to the schedule! No small feat.

Scott is our IT genius, editor, and marketing rising star.

Carlos is Charles right hand when teaching and the engineer behind the metabolic analytics and training software.

Pat has been around since the beginning of Strength Sensei and had to wear ten different hats to get the company started. He knows Charles material inside and out because he has been following him the past fifteen years. Pat has done every job except clean the toilets.

Luce is the master of Instagram, packing tons of material into a single post and growing the following to over 100k followers in less than six months.

Newly added to the team are Candie who is our bookkeeper and Justin and Tony who have been helping with the recent books.

Of course being such a small team we all did a LOT more than the basics listed above. We were always on our toes learning new things as was needed. The company as it is, only exists as a result of such synergy. Since we worked in such a small group setting we got to know Charles better than anybody else, on a business and a personal level. In that sense we know the vision he had for the company and the legacy he wanted to leave behind.

What about the classes? We are going beyond our job responsibilities here. Why? We care about the business, but our main goal, we want to ensure Charles legacy is preserved. Because we know beyond any doubt that this is what he wanted. Hence, we decided that Carlos should teach the Metabolic Analytics class that was scheduled only a few days after Charles passing. It felt like the right thing to do. As Carlos said when we discussed the subject, “When we were on the road with Charles we have always taught the classes as scheduled regardless of the circumstances, sick, tired or whatever.” So we kept it that way. As it turns out the comments were overwhelmingly positive. And they came from health professionals.

Very good information. We are very thankful to have him. He is passing on Charles vision perfectly and there are certain course Carlos is the only one qualified enough to teach. Carlos, considering circumstances, has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Now he is in Australia doing his job. And the responses are even more enthusiastic.

So, the show goes on! We have received an overwhelming number of questions about future class locations. Our goal is to get this out as soon as we can. There will be classes in 2019, and we, the Strength Sensei team, will keep Charles legacy alive and running! The Dojo will continue as well, Carlos has the expertise to produce material, and we will bring in other great speakers, like Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, who stepped in and helped out with the HPP Month 9 Q&A. We will expand on this and will bring more variety of knowledge and experts to the Dojo. New members who have never been in the Dojo yet, will have the great opportunity of starting from the beginning and seeing Charles material which will not be released in any other way to the public. A hidden gem!!

Who can the fitness community turn to now? Over the past few weeks we have seen who are true friends to Charles, and you know well the ones who look for there five minutes of fame. The ones who are truly his friends and respect his wishes, they will rise to the occasion and will help the team to keep his legacy going. We have already been approached by many of Charles top students who want to help his legacy go on. This means that Strength Sensei will continue to be the number one source of information available for the fitness community.

Who is going to be the next Charles? There will not be another Charles. Simple as that! He started at 17!!! He was a genius, pure and simple. People like that are one in a million! But just stay where you are. Carlos and the team have been around Charles so long that we are confident we can honor his legacy and provide you with the closest thing to learning directly from the Legend himself that you will find anywhere!

In Strength & Health,

Your Strength Sensei Team