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Strength Sensei Top Recommended Strength Coaches

I get contacted every day for program design.

For a host of reasons, I only train people who have done over 100 hours of classes with me. Yet, a lot of you need help. The following strength coaches are the ones I recommend for consultations/program design. If you need to know how much they charge, don’t bother contacting them.

They are the best, and they ask a fair price for their level of ability.

I don’t provide their contact info on purpose, just their location. It is up to you to contact those strength coaches directly. That will ensure you are truly motivated to pursue this.

  • André Benoit, Calgary
  • Ben Clarfield, Toronto
  • Ben Prentiss, Stamford
  • Carlos Castro, Bogota
  • Christian Maurice, Montreal
  • Christian Thibaudeau, Quebec City
  • Clarke Flynn, Ottawa
  • Daniel Hunter, Belgium
  • Daniel Knebel, Düsseldorf
  • David Mathew Johnson, Dubai
  • David Lawrence, Detroit
  • Dieter Roylance, Melbourne
  • Dmitry Klokov, Moscow
  • Ed Coan, Chicago
  • Eric Falstrault, Montréal
  • Francine Savard, Montreal
  • George Chiappa, Ottawa
  • Helen Lillenberg Stockholm
  • Ilias Bountakis, Greece
  • Jérôme Simian, France
  • Jim Kotantonis, Melbourne
  • John Broz, Las Vegas
  • Josh Bryant, Dallas
  • Juan Carlos Simo, Santo Domingo
  • Keith Alpert, Boston
  • Kelly Martinovich, Perth
  • Larry Vinette, Montreal
  • Levi Earl, Finland
  • Malcolm Gwilliam, Phoenix
  • Marty Williams, Perth
  • Mats Hagedorn, Stockholm
  • Matt Wenning, Columbus
  • Mike Bystol, Chicago
  • Milos Sarcev, Pasadena
  • Moritz Klatten, Hamburg
  • Pierre Roy, Montreal
  • Preston Greene, Gainesville
  • Radomir Obrenić, Montenegro
  • Robert Jacobs, Atlanta
  • Stan Efferding, Las Vegas
  • Tamas Feher, Hungary
  • Thomas Dybdahl, Denmark
  • Tom Crudington, UK
  • Tony Parra, Santo Domingo
  • Tracey Walker, Perth
  • Zach Streva , Colorado Springs

Special Considerations

Please don’t bother writing in: “What about Joe Xyz?” If they are not on the list, it means I cannot attest to their levels of competency. It is a very small industry, if they are great, I know about them.

Best of luck,

Charles R. Poliqiuin