Strength Sensei Qualified Trainer and Practitioner Profile Submission

12wtiFellowsiStockphoto23365463-1385495827794If you have completed one or more of the following Strength Sensei courses, you are able to submit your details into our Qualified Trainer and Practitioner Profile directory. This will allow clients to find a Strength Sensei Qualified Trainer and Practitioner if you are in their area so that they can contact you directly.


  • Metabolic Analytics Practitioner
  • Program Design – Essentials
  • Program Design – Advanced
  • Kinetic Chain – Shoulder and Arms
  • Kinetic Chain – Squat and Deadlift
  • Kinetic Chain – Pressing and Chin-ups
  • Hypertrophy 5 Day Bootcamp
  • Powerlifting for Sports (Poliquin & Coan)
  • Olympic Lifting for Sports
  • Strength Training for Sports (Poliquin & Klokov)

Please provide your accurate details as you would like them to appear in your trainer/practitioner profile.

Profile photos are mandatory and must be portrait photos. These must be less than 100KB and 300 pixels x 300 pixels. No full body, posing photos, or bikini photos.

Upon submission, your certification details will be verified within 2-3 business days before publishing in the Qualified Trainer and Practitioner Profile Directory.

* Note: To maintain your Metabolic Analytics qualification status in your profile, you must renew your Metabolic Analytics qualification. 

Submit my Profile

Once you submit your profile, you will receive an email confirming the submission. Your details will also appear in this list of profiles that is confirmation that your submission was successful.

NOTE: Submitting your profile does NOT mean it will automatically appear in the profile listing directory. It must go through an approval process – regardless of how many times you submit it.



Profile Example:

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Upon clicking on your entry in the search results, the following popup box will appear.
Upon clicking on your main profile picture in the list of trainers and practitioners that appear, a box will appear on the right hand side of the screen with your details.