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Soft Tissue Work for Further Hypertrophy

Megarexia, the opposite of anorexia, is the obsession of getting bigger and having bigger muscles.

Of course, once training and diet fails to further gains, many trainees turn to pharmacology. However, there are two soft tissue techniques that can propel your size gains, especially when you are advanced in training age: A.R.T. and the F.A.T. tool.

A.R.T. or Active Release Technique, helps break down adhesions that prevent muscle growth:

1. Intra-muscular adhesions

2. Inter-muscular adhesions

3. Muscle to nerve adhesions

4. Nerve root adhesions.

active release, michael leahy

However, not every A.R.T. practitioner is strong/qualified enough to do the work. Tomorrow, I will give a list of the ones who can do it well.

What sort of gains can you expect? Well, a man with 51 cm arm circumference can gain 2 to 3 cm in one treatment, and the treatments last…  You can find me doing it on IFBB pro Ben Pakulski on many websites and top bodybuilding contest prep coach Milos Sarcev has had me work on a few elite bodybuilders.

The next mean is the F.A.T tool, brain-child of Dr. Mark Scappaticci. Again, skill is of the essence. Yet it can do miracles on body parts that refuse to grow because the fascial envelopes are too restricted.

fat tool

If you don’t see instant results with practitioners, there are two possible reasons:

1.   You are not big enough to need it.

2.   The practitioner is useless.

With these two techniques, not only does size increases but strength too. Common gains would be going from 5 RM to 8 RM, with the same load in one treatment.

Check out the list of practitioners tomorrow, and enjoy the results they will provide.

Coach Charles R. Poliquin