Snack On the Go: The Food Convenience Problem

Shakes or solid food?

Solid food is always better, but modern life does always allow us to have access to prepared food or even a blender, like when commuting.

If you are relying on shakes for more than one feeding a day (usually post-workout), you will have a hard time reaching your bodybuilding and/or strength goals. This is why I like the Ostrim Paleo Trail Mix, which you can buy here on or at your local health food store. It is basically the perfect mixture for a snack. It contains dried beef and ostrich mixed in with dry fruits and nuts. I also carry those bags on the road for a breakfast in cities where the hotels’s concept of breakfast is greasy eggs and pastries.

Proper planning is still the key. I prefer to reserve shakes just for post workout nutrition. When I cannot get access to solid food or a blender, I use three products for convenience purposes :

1. I just keep 60 grams of goat whey protein powder in a stainless steel canteen. All I have to do is to add water when I am ready to drink.
2. In my computer, I have in a plastic zip lock type of bag, 15 casein protein tablets. This ensures that the protein levels stay more constant for longer.
3. With the shake I take three 1 gram fish oils capsules. This keeps the insulin response down, and supplies some Omega 3’s for overall general health.

In this manner my protein and smart fats requirements are met, and it ties me over until I can get another solid food meal in.

Stay healthy,

Charles R Poliquin

P.S. Whenever possible, I eat this in the morning: The Meat and Nut Breakfast