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The Benefits of Eating Quality Red Meat

The Health and Body Composition Benefits of Red Meat

To eat red meat or not… Current dietary myths would have you believe that it is the source of all evil, flying in the face of science. I eat it daily, and have found that the only caveat is finding quality sources.

Quality red meat will help you improve your health and performance, and increase your mental drive, focus and motivation. It does so by providing the body with tyrosine and choline, the essential building blocks of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and acetylcholine. Those compounds are also necessary to form hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine.

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The Macro Profile of Red Meat

Furthermore, red meat has a very interesting lipid profile. Most people think of animal fats as only saturated fats. Well, not only has saturated fat been shown to be good for you, but the lipids found in red meat also includes oleic acid, the primary fat found in olive oil, and omega-3, if the animal was grass-fed or organic.

It also is the primary source of proteins. And this nutrient does a lot more than just help build muscle. Protein helps with managing blood sugar and build hormones and soft tissue. It is also playing a role in having strong bones. You simply cannot be healthy without proteins.

Quantity Also Matters

A special consideration on the topic of protein is that most people are not eating enough of them for optimal health. This is particularly true if muscle building is your primary goal. Considering the demands a hard workout impose on the body, red meat is the best source of all the nutrients you need for a strong and healthy body

This topic is so important to me that I adapt my travel schedule to locations where I can find good sources, especially for breakfast as it dramatically impacts the quality of my body composition and daily energy

Eating red meat should not be a matter of controversy but rather of common sense!

Coach Charles R. Poliquin