benefits of pistachios, Los beneficios de los pistachos

Meat and Nuts Breakfast™ Series – The Benefits of Pistachios

In case of emergency after a terror donuts attack, break the glass and reach for your bag of pistachios. Most Valuable Player in glucose crisis management, pistachios are also a great option for the meat and nuts breakfast.

You should rotate the nuts you use for the Meat and Nuts Breakfast. Be it only for the sake of your taste buds and sanity, but also to reap the most benefits from these beautiful nutrient bombs.

In this video series Coach Poliquin talks about the benefits and individual value of different types of nuts.

This first video, will cover the benefits of consuming pistachios little green and purple nuts rich in antioxidants with particular advantages for insulin management.

Compared to other nuts, pistachios have a low caloric content and a high nutrient density. They contain the most diverse source of water soluble and fat soluble anti oxidants among tree nuts. Pistachios display a unique combination of green and purple

Natural colors go hand in hand with antioxidant content. In this case, the presence of lutein and anthocyanine accounts for this unique color combination. The scientific literature highlights the benefits derived from lutein and anthocyanin as pertains to prostate health. Both components show promising potential for cardio vascular health as well as anti inflammatory action.

A Nutrient Boon for Recovery

The B6 content of pistachios is nothing short of huge. A mere 30g portion of pistachios will provide 25% of the daily needs. B6 levels are pivotal to the synthesis of melatonin and serotonin. Remember that it is crucial to nurture your recovery abilities. Your body functions similarly to a lamp. Consequently the flame won’t burn long and high if don’t manage the oil.

Pistachios vs. Metformin

Previously frowned upon, pistachios turn out to be very beneficial for weight management. First and foremost they increase significantly satiety. Additionally they have been proved to lower postprandial raise in insulin by as much as 20-30%.

Cardiovascular health

Pistachios contain a fair share of magnesium. Indeed a 30g portion provides 8% of the daily magnesium requirements. It is well known that low magnesium correlates with all known cardiovascular risk factors, such as cholesterol and high blood pressure, atherogenesis, hardening of the arteries and the calcification of soft tissues.

As an added bonus pistachios sport the highest level in potassium amongst nuts. And potassium is known to help regulates blood pressure.

Finally pistachios are particularly high in arginine. This amino increases nitric oxide and promotes healthy flexible blood vessels.

Pistachios are also a source of gamma tocopherol which is the most bioavailable portion of vitamin E.

Coach Charles R. Poliquin