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Meat and Nuts Breakfast™ Made Easy – Yak Recipe

I always talk about the importance of a good breakfast, my favorite being the Meat and Nuts Breakfast™.

The saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is very true. Not only will it sets your neurotransmitters for the remainder of the day, it will also give you energy and focus. If you want to be productive, make sure you don’t skip breakfast. One of the reasons people are so inefficient at work is that they think sleeping in 30 more minutes, then rushing to work with just a coffee is ok.

Actually, quite the contrary! This will result in poor quality concentration, drive and focus, and will make sure you’ll become the coffee machine’s best client. Another great saying about breakfast is that you should eat like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. This will make sure you eat the richest foods, i.e. meat and fats, earlier in the day and leave carbs for the later part of the day. Having carbs in the evening will help lower cortisol and promote a deeper, more restful sleep.


A proper Meat and Nuts Breakfast™ can be put together in no time, as I show in this simple 6-minute video where I show you my favorite recipe in the morning. Guests at my house rave about this. The only caveat: it’s made with yak meat. Yes, yak. As in the cattle they have at the foot of the Himalaya. However, the one I eat is raised locally, this is probably one of the healthiest meat you can have. And tasty too! It has the advantage of providing healthy fats in the form of omega 3s and saturated fat. Remember that shying away from red meat saturated fat is one of the most common nutrition mistake.

The Recipe

My recipe is very simple:

  • A pat of goat butter
  • Nuts, to taste (I like to use cashews and macademia)
  • 300 gr of ground yak meat
  • Celtic sea salt, to taste

Use a green pan to avoid chemicals from leeching into your food. Heat over medium heat. Melt the butter until golden, and then add the nut. Leave them until they brown, and then add the meat. Cook thoroughly. Add celtic sea salt and pepper.

Voilà, this is the breakfast I eat the most often when at home.

Try it for yourself and let me know how you liked it

In Strength,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin

P.S. Curious about tasting yak meat? Go to www.theyakboys.com to find out your nearest provider or to order online. Be aware that you could become addicted.