Live Q&A – Insulin Sensitivity, Knee Health, Sleep & More

Here is the repost of my Facebook Live that took place on April 20th

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Live video I did on my Facebook page where I answered random questions.


00:18 Upcoming seminar series on Powerlifting with Stan Efferding and Ed Coan (UK & Austria)

00:12 Tips for Knee Health

* Petersen step up

* Vastus medialis strength


02:00 Powerlifting seminar (Watson Factory & Das Gym)

02:58 Seminars location in Europe

Marbella, Austria, Prague

03:33 Steps to improve insulin sensitivity

* High Intensity Health by Mike Mutzel

* Eat less carbs

* Fish oil for insulin sensitivity

* Magnesium

Proper testing


New article to come! Keep your eyes peeled

04:30 Changements in American collegiate Strength and Conditioning: the good, the bad

06:55 How to warm-up


07:51 Best tips to build strength and power without gaining weight and size

* Cluster training

Volume for strength vs size


08:50 Tempo training effectiveness

Klokov squats

Josh Bryant

Choosing the right mentors

10:05 How to Improve Testosterone Naturally

* Sleep

* Avoid Testosterone Killers

11:19 Reason why medical questions are off-limit

11:42 Optimal number of training days for athletes over 40

* Guide to the mature lifter

* Gems for the mature lifter


12:29 High reps or low reps for fat burning

13:06 Best 3 Tips to Lose Fat

* Grain Free Diet, Low Carbs Diet

* 4H/week of Metabolic Conditioning

Dojo of Strength

Weightroom conditioning

* Sleep

14:41 Dopamine dominance and training frequency


15:20 Raw eggs absorption

16:05 Squats and walking like a duck

on posture

16:37 How to Find Quality Fish Oil

Design For Health




17:27 Including weightlifting moves to improve strength in the three powerlifting moves

18:14 Seminar in California in Nick Mitchell’s new UP Performance Center

18:43 Best 3 tips to improve serotonin

* Grateful Log

* Magnesium Threonate

Benefits of magnesium

* Sleep

* Meditation