The List: Radomir Obrenić

After I released my List I have been bombarded with questions about what it takes to land a spot in there.

I have decided to introduce some of my top students.To express how grateful I am to see my students and colleagues succeed. And in order to make you realize that they are some commonalities.

Success leaves clues… as they say

Today let me introduce you to Radomir Obrenić

His journey as a coach began after he suffered a bad knee injury. He was playing soccer and his trainers were less than stellar…

That pulled the trigger.

He decided to learn everything strength training related.

His desire to learn led him to read voraciously and enrol in seminars.

As a resident of Eastern Europe he naturally came to know about Milos Sarcev. Since Milos was quite vocal about Charles and his world class knowledge about strength training and nutrition for athletes. He immediately searched everything under the name.

This changed radically his training philosophy.

Indeed, Charles made quite the impression on him. First because he was producing results and second because his methodical and logical approach to training

The next logical step was to take a class with Charles.

And this proved to be quite a struggle.

There was the financial investment of course. But the real hassle proved to legal in nature. He was unable to obtain a Visa to go to London for the classes (ex Yugoslavia wasn’t in Britain’s favor at the time)

But he never quits, and his enthusiasm was not dampened, actually quite the opposite, since it made him even more eager to succeed.

Once VISAs become available thanks to the European union, he made it up for lost time and took all classes with Charles in Europe

“Everything after that is history” as he is fond to say

Earn A Reputation

“After taking so many classes I knew that I could become the game changer and I took the plunge. That is what counts.”

He got his reputation after helping his cousin enter the Basketball National Team. He started training him for free. And managed to improve his strength by 40%.

When he became one of the best International players, other players saw that and they came to Radomir the next summer. They all wanted to improve like his cousin did. Simple as that!

The Underdog

Kill them with success and bury them with a smile. Keisha Keenleyside

One of his best success bears an air of semblance with his own story.

Petar Popovic, a basketball player, came to him with a metatarsal fracture. Probably a stress fracture since there was no peculiar incident. He complained of pain and the MRI revealed a fracture.

His coaches were clearly not confident about his future. They predicted he would never make it to the off-season preparations in August.

Turns out Radomir rehabilitated him in the record time of 5 weeks, and as you can judge from the picture some body composition magic happened there as well.

What did he do?

He established the priority.

First he focused on reducing inflammation.

Then the main goal became to increase Growth hormone output to speed up recovery and improve body composition.

He accomplished this by training upper body – for obvious reasons. At first, they almost exclusively did structural balance, general preparation and unilateral work. The first phase included hypertrophy workouts in the morning and strength endurance in the evening to generate more lactate. More lactate equals more growth hormone which was exactly the goal.

After 3 week the plaster was removed and he started working on leg rehab.

He then switched to a 2 a day training routine that catapulted his athlete’s anabolic hormones off the charts.

With proper recovery Petar lost 9% of body fat and gained 4kg of muscles.

He was also able to play on the 23th of July for the International Basketball team of Montenegro for European Championships.

Everybody was impressed with the speed of his recovery. Especially considering the predictions he was given.

Now he is Aba League Winner and he will play next season in Euro League – the second best competition in basketball in the world. 

Get Them Strong.

Strength is the mother of all physical qualities” – Dietmar Schmidtbleicher.

Nemanja Gordić rose to be the MVP of his last competition. He went from scoring 4.9 points per game and the previous season to 15.7 points per game and he decided in almost every important game.

When he came to see Radomir he was barely able to squat 90 kg for 5 reps.

Afterwards he maxed out at 140kg in the front squat. No wonder he could “feel dynamite in [his] legs”

Training with Radomir he also lost 3% of body fat and gained 5kg of muscles.

In the finals, there were 4 games spread over a period of 5-6 days. He played 30 mins per game and had the best score and the most assists in every single of them.

Here a video of the highlights:

And another of his outstanding performance:

Take Advantage of the off-Season

Sead Šehović came to see Radomir because he wanted to improve performance on the court. He also came with a nagging ankle injury.

Radomir was able to train him for 9 weeks. He didn’t have to negotiate with the head coach since players are free from the 1st june to 1st august.

The first 3 weeks were focussed on unilateral work. The morning sessions were in the 5-7 reps range and 10-12 reps in the evening.

Then training switched towards intensification.
Morning sessions were bilateral work and the evening focussed on unilateral.
Finally came a week of unloading after 6 weeks of intense training.

During these 9 weeks, he lost 7% of bodyfat and gained 5kgs of muscles


Here’s one video of his performance on the court:

As you can see Radomir delivers!

Contact info:

Let’s recap with a visual rendering of his tactics: