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Kinetic Chain Enhancement For Strength Athletes

Kinetic Chain Enhancement & Strength Athlete… or how the Strength Sensei Beats Up Mark Bell

Kinetic Chain Enhancement (KCE) has been around for about 20 years now. It is one of my best kept secret to dramatically improve the strength and range of motion of athletes right on the field.

In this video, you can see how it improved the shoulder flexibility and mobility of Mark Bell, of SuperTraining fame. Powerlifting can take a toll on your body. And quite frankly who loves to stretch? The KCE method can provide improvements that are quite drastic, and allow for a much better training quality.

Let’s see what it did for Mark in only a matter of seconds

Frequently Asked Questions About Kinetic Chain Enhancement

1) Can KCE be done by non-therapist?

Yes, in fact I especially designed it for trainers. The method used aim at increasing function, range and strength in your clients

2) What can I expect from a Kinetic Chain Enhancement session on a client?

The results are immediate in both strength, and range of motion. You can get results right in the gym, in only a matter of a few seconds. The best way to use KCE is during a training session. By doing different techniques one at the time between sets, the client can see the improvement in his execution from set to set. The client will immediately be able to tell the difference.

3) Can it be done in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities?

Yes, although it is a great stand alone method, it will work synergistically with the methods of the client’s health practitioner whether it is dry needling or chiropractic. Hence many health professionals take this course to increase the number of tools in their tool box.

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