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Three Simple Things to Keep Yourself Young

The greatest fear amongst the 40 + generation is not dying of cancer or heart disease, but rather to age prematurely.

Here are three simple tips to keep yourself young.


Do new exercises every new training cycle:brain_lifting

According to brain expert Dr. John Medina, the main reason our brains actually age is because we don’t learn anything new physically. I have resolved to do new exercises in every training phase. The changes are small, yet according to science will help keep your brain youthful.

There are so many exercises you have probably never done. Don’t be afraid to venture a bit, it will do your brain some good.


Take daily an anti-estrogen:

My good friend Dr. Robert Rakowski keeps pummeling in every seminar that each man, woman, and child swims in a sea of estrogens, and therefore one should be taking an anti-estrogen on a daily basis. My own Metabolic Analytics and blood work reveals that estrogen is never an issue, probably because my diet is rich in zinc, and I consume daily some form of anti-estrogen, whether it is grape seed extract, resveratrol or curcumin. Be careful about limiting xeno-estrogens that are disguised in skin lotions, shampoos, moisturizers etc… You can visit to access their free data bank to evaluate the products you put on your body and make the right choices.



Stretch more

stretch_bodybuilderOur daily lives tend  to center of plenty of Yang activities such as  strength training. Injecting more Yin in your life will bring this in balance. Again, Dr. Rakowski points out that flexibility is the first physical quality you lose with ageing. If I were to redo my life with what I know now, I would have included plenty of stretching. Hiring a personal trainer qualified in Yoga teaching has been a blessing and…a lesson in humility.

Enjoy the path,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin