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“One thing to share is that after 7 weeks into the dojo my own mother (who was historically the first one to tell me my chin is blending with my neckline when I was fat) said that she can’t believe how much I’ve managed to transform my physique. I get so many compliments on upper body skills and physique now and for somebody, who never had muscle in that area whatsoever this is just surreal! I mean hell, for somebody that could barely do a couple of push ups 2 years ago, and only 5 before Christmas now I’m doing a 100 every day I skip workout (rarely but still) just cause I can. And then I love the structure of these! So much variety, very technical, which keeps the geek in me engaged, thinking; this helps my brain focus, attention span… And all of it just motivates me to keep progressing, no matter how hard it feels, even with just a couple of kilos today. After 8 years on and off in the gym, I think the main thing I was doing wrong was not pushing myself hard enough because I believed I was a sissy anyways. But those extra 2 kg up each session really do add up in the end of the month when I turn around and I’m lifting twice as much. Thank you so much for opening this up to the wider audience!
Without wax,

“LOVE your style of writing and the humor you add to everything. Wish I could afford more of you in my life but maybe another year. In the meantime, glad I am part of the DOJO.
Audrey Meyer”

“Hi, thanks. The programming is great, the Poliquin methodology works, for $18 AUD, it is incredible value for money, the forum is a great platform to discuss and learn. Thanks again,
Jeff Kerr”

Over 66 countries have joined the Dojo and are now receiving the best information available on the internet in regards to strength training, mind and body hacks, and growing a personal training business.

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Q & A

Will my credit card be automatically charged?
Yes, unless you cancel before the next billing cycle.

Can I get a refund?
Sorry no refunds on membership since you see the entire month’s material right away, but you can cancel at any time, to avoid getting charged again.

Is the price for a month or a year?
We have both options available, you can choose monthly or yearly based on your needs.

Can I become a member any time?
Sorry, you only can sign up during enrollment windows, however, we are happy to add you to our waiting list, and will ensure you are emailed when the next enrollment window opens.

Is there a Forum?
Yes, all memberships come with a Forum, specific to your membership, where you may ask any questions related to the material of your membership package.

May I share my membership with other people?
No, accounts are member specific and are not to be shared with anyone else.

What happens to my current Dojo membership?
As long as you become a member of any of the current packages you will keep access to all legacy Dojo content that you have already unlocked. Your legacy membership will also continue unless you cancel it.

Does any of the content overlap?
No, each package has its own unique content, that will not be available in the other packages.