Guayusa : A Healthy Alternative to Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are always popular drinks, especially in the morning. But not everyone can enjoy them, for various reasons.

In this video Strength Sensei talks about an healthy alternative. This beverage harnesses the goodness of guayusa. Making it an ideal drink for morning energy and alertness. Besides, it is certified organic and respects fair trade policies.

Guayusa aka The Night Watchman

The Quechua people call this tea the night watchman and for good reason.

It Sharpens the Senses

Guayusa brings along all the benefits of caffeine in terms of focus and alertness. A bottle of tea from Runa provides about 90mg of caffeine. On a side note, you don’t get the energy crash that usually comes with industrial drinks. This is due to the naturally occurring antioxydants from the plant.

Makes You Awake and Ready For Action

Guayusa contains a fair amount of Theobromine. This chemical increases urine production. This will activates the kidney meridian and jolt you awake.

Like a Steady and Deadly Watchman

L-theanine displays structural similarity with GABA. GABA is a calming neurotransmitter. In fact guayusa displays the same calming effect, minus the sedation. L-Theanine acts synergistically with caffeine. As a result the combination promotes attention and focus. And reduces stress meanwhile.

An Antioxydant Rich Plant

Guayusa provides on average 58mg/g of antioxydants whereas commercial green tea will yield a measly 28-29mg/g. This addition can’t be overrated. As modern life subjects us to an ever increasing toxic burden.


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Coach Charles R. Poliquin