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The Five Habits of Successful Lifters

Success always leaves clues.

Over the last 36 years I have worked as a strength coach, I have met/coached many successful strong athletes.

Here is what they had in common:

1. They value rest. Last week I had dinner with perennial World Powerlifting Champion Ed Coan; he revealed to me that he naps on a daily basis, and feels that it is a crucial part of his training process. You don’t recover, you don’t grow.

2. They do what works for them. I have seen many athletes of comparable Herculean strength, yet they all used a different approach.  Some swore by short cycles, some like lengthy cycles, some think that wave like loading is the way to super strength, some prefer low sets at peak weight.

That skill is what scientists call body intelligence. The only thing that was common to those result producing programs was the principle of overload.

3. They all choose a mentor.  Ed Coan had Bill Seno. Bill Kazmaier had Tony Fitton. Dmitry Klokov has David Rigert. Everyone of them had someone to take the guesswork out.

4. They constantly experiment.  Once the mentor has led them to the right path, every single one of them tried many things to get strong, each system had some effect, some worked better than others. But they all agree that it was part of the training process.

5.  They all are great stress managers.  In case of bad events, they can see the gift in them, instead of the curse. They all have had setbacks which they used to make themselves even stronger.

The common motto for all successful lifters is simple: be yourself.

Stay strong,

Charles R Poliquin