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Improving Curling Strength with Maximum Effort Drop Sets

I often get asked how to improve curling strength and poundages.

One of the best methods is the maximum effort drop sets.

Here’s a simple method to reach personal bests with your curling strength.

Load a straight bar or EZ curl bar to 100% of your 1RM. Of course you will have 6-8 progressively heavier low rep sets to get there.

Do a single rep in perfect form. Wait ten seconds, remove 2 to 5% of the load and do another single rep.

Rest 10 seconds, again remove 2-5% of the load, and do another single.

Wide Grip Barbell Curl
Wide Grip Barbell Curl
Another grip option for this method
Barbell Curl
Close-grip Barbell Curl

Continue in this manner until you’ve done 7 singles. On the last single, if you have chosen the right weight, you should feel the pressure behind your left eye from your spleen wanting to come out.

Rest 4-5 minutes and repeat. Do a total of 4 of these drop sets and you’re done.

Try to increase the weight used every workout.

The best way to increase the weight is to use the Friction Plates you can buy from Eleiko.

Eleiko also makes 1 ¼ pound plates which permits you to make even more precise jumps when combined with the Eleiko kilo plates

Today’s pictures were taken at Daine McDonald’s Clean Health gym in Sydney, Australia

Coach Charles R. Poliquin