Metabolic Analytics

The Metabolic Analytics System is coach Charles R. Poliquin’s latest innovation in improving body composition rapidly, effectively and safely and is the method that best reflects his current practice.

Throughout the different modules, you will learn how to understand how fat gain results from mismanagement of one of these physiological systems:

You will also build on this system in future modules to recognize and manage specific health conditions through lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation and target your interventions

The advanced features offered by Metabolic Analytics System include:

The ability to integrate lower body fat scores into a valid formula that accurately measures overall body fat. It is recognized as the best application to do so in the in the industry.
Fully designed and regularly updated protocols.
Two extra sites have been included to identify the cause of fat gain more accurately.
A measure of the efficiency of one’s androgen physiology.
Levels of hormones that became toxic.
How well are your hormones allowing you to recover.
A non-invasive measure of inflammation levels in the body.
An algorithmthat allows the practitioner to identify the system most responsible for fat gain.

In the module 1 cutting edge 3-day seminar you will learn:

How to properly identify and measure every one of the 14 sites of the System. This accuracy will allow you to give the best protocol to your client.
To identify which of the 6 systems is most disrupted. There can only be ONE priority. Find out which one and target your program accurately for rapid results.
How to correct each hormonal system through lifestyle, diet, and supplementation.
Business strategies for client management for optimized results and profitable gains.

There’s a reason that Charles is the leading strength coach in the industry; his knowledge and experience is far superior to the competition. This is just one of the reasons why without hesitation I am willing to invest and gain insight on his world class expertise! From strength training to industry secrets, he knows it all!
Charles’ wisdom and ambition has inspired me to start my own strength and conditioning business and due to the extensive knowledge he has passed on to me through his seminars, articles, and general advice, it is rapidly growing into something I could have never dreamed of! “Learn more to earn more”, he says! Just make sure you invest in the best; Charles R. Poliquin!

-Justin Armstrong, 19 – Armstrong Strength & Conditioning

Metabolic Analytics is a 14 site body fat test where each site is hormone based and once all sites are put into the program, priorities are given.  This sets one up to start making progress immediately. Charles is constantly updating the course so every time you re-certify you are getting the very latest information.  He often refers to the courses as tools for the tool box; then this course is the hammer.
Stoll – Strength & Conditioning / Rehab Specialist


Course Prerequisites

There are no course pre-requisites required to register for the Metabolic Analytics course other than a high level of interest in the subject and a motivation to learn.
We have students from all backgrounds and from all over the world ranging from personal trainers, medical doctors, bodybuilding competitors, financial traders, athletes, coaches, dancers, and anyone interested in maintaining optimum health for their family.
*** Participants have to bring their own calipers. The only ones recommended by coach Poliquin are John Bull or Harpenden

Recertification Available – Contact for more information

Upcoming Course Dates and Locations:

November 23-25, 2018 – Sydney, Australia
Kingdom Gym
Unit 8 / 9-13 Winbourne rd
Winbourne Estate, Brookvale. 2100 . Sydney

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November 23-25, 2018

Sydney, Australia