Prerequisites: None
•Pressing & Chin-Up Module: 2 days
•Squat & Deadlift Module: 2 days
•Shoulder & Arm Module: 2 days
Hours: 1000 – 1800

Motion restrictions not only create long-term problems in the joints, muscles, and other soft tissue structures, but they also impede the true expression of strength.

By combining a number of different and effective soft tissue techniques, the Kinetic Chain Enhancement Method brings impressive results recalibrating muscle/fascia and connective tissue.

In many cases local pain can lead to error in judgment. Is it muscle fiber, nerve root, fascia, or connective tissue creating the problem?

Is the problem being aggravated by imbalances, weaknesses, and/or tension along the kinetic chain?

In this class the student will learn:
•To restore the function of all of the muscular components
•To improve recruitment sequence of the muscle
•To reduce friction/increase the contraction speed and strength of the muscle
•To remove scar tissue and adhesions
•To minimize future injuries
•To rehabilitate long term injuries

This method is not only very appealing to the bodybuilder/strength athlete as it can very quickly accelerate hypertrophy and strength, but it is also a very useful tool in the world of professional sports, with great successes in sports such as track and field and football. It has delivered huge improvements in performance from rehabilitating long-term Achilles’ tendon issues, to increasing shooting accuracy by freeing up the rotator cuff.

Kinetic Chain Enhancement is a must for any trainer in the Iron Game. Be the change.

Improving an individual’s range of motion in a particular movement is an essential step that should occur before increasing the load in that movement. Having knowledge of the different systems in the body that make up the kinetic chain allows for me to more accurately identify and address these structures to improve range and subsequently the load that is lifted.
Stacey Rogers- Senior Strength Coach- Shredded Strength Institute

The Kinetic Chain Enhancement Seminar taught a number of soft tissue techniques to help achieve better range of motion, increase in strength and included effective methods for recruitment of muscles that may not be firing or recruiting as well as they should be. Students in the class were amazed at how fast the methods Charles taught could improve function and mobility in just a few minutes. I have been using many of these techniques with my clients and achieving great results.
Kelly Martinovich- Director- Shredded Strength Institute

Kinetic Chain is an “instant” fix for increasing range of motion and strength and impressing the hell out of an athlete or sports agent in less than 30 seconds with results lasting 4-6 hours. Another tool in the tool box.
Stoll – Strength & Conditioning / Rehab Specialist

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