Prerequisites: None
Duration: 5 days
Hours: 1000 – 1800

This is the workshop where you will learn every trick in the book to put on some serious muscle mass.

In the Hypertrophy Boot Camp, you will learn:
•Precise information on the best reps and sets combination
•Which exercises and which order bring on the greatest muscle mass gains
•The best methodology to achieve maximum muscular size
•How to vary tempo to elicit more gains
•How to periodize your workouts for even more rapid gains
•What to eat for maximal energy for those grueling workouts
•What to take during workouts to maximize energy and overload
•How to recover biologically quicker from workloads
•And much more

Most people waste an inordinate amount of time and money in the quest for hypertrophy. Save time, money, and energy while learning from the best on how to gain size.

Participants will not only get lectures on the how, but will also get to do the workout themselves. You will be training twice a day in order to experience all of the best methodologies.

You’ve never really trained until you have completed one of Charles’s 5 day Hypertrophy camps. 3 workouts per day, lectures in between. Precise coaching of proven training methods; you get to experience the pain first hand. You also gain an immense amount of knowledge about why these methods work. No matter what your training history, this is a staple course for any coach looking to keep the magic in their own training but also in coaching clients of all levels looking for continuous results and progress.
Amanda Daffurn – Owner – Body Strong Ltd

Recertification Available – Contact for more information

Upcoming Course Dates and Locations:

November 18-22, 2018 – Sydney, Australia
Kingdom Gym
Unit 8 / 9-13 Winbourne rd
Winbourne Estate, Brookvale. 2100 . Sydney

Package Deals:

Payment Plans Available


November 18-22, 2018

Sydney, Australia