Prerequisites: None
Duration: 2 Days

Charles mentor Pierre Roy will be teaching this course.

A wide array of sports require the development of power and strength, including Olympic lifts in the strength training process is a sure-fire way to achieve that goal.

In this seminar, you will learn how to properly perform the Olympic lifts and their variations, how to teach them to your athletes in a very efficient way, and how to assess if they are being properly performed.

Also, you will learn how to incorporate them in the training process of your athletes, in order to achieve that goal of power and strength development.

Coach Roy will lecture on the top 5 models of periodization in Olympic weightlifting and how they apply to different circumstances.

Day 1 – 1000–1800
– Periodization for Olympic Weightlifting theory
– The Clean
– Olympic version
– Power clean; from hang; from block
– Drills to Master the Clean
– Practice & Assessment

Day 2 – 1000–1800
– The Art And Science Of Power Development
– The Snatch
– Olympic version
– Power snatch; from hang; from block
– Drills to Master the snatch
– Practice & Assessment
– The Jerk
– Olympic version
– Drills to Master the jerk
– Practice & Assessment

About Coach Pierre Roy

Coach Pierre Roy has been coaching for 4 decades, and has had a profound impact on many athletes and trainers. Coach Poliquin credited him as his first influence and one of the most important mentors he ever had. Throughout his career, Coach Roy has produced over 200 Olympic weightlifters who attended the World Championships, has been a coach to Olympic Games, World Championships, and other international events. He trained Los Angeles Olympic Silver medalist Jacques Demers and has been consulted by Georges St-Pierre for his knowledge in power development.



Course – $999

Upcoming Course Dates and Locations:

US, Colorado, March 9-10, 2019
Strength Sensei Training Center
3355 Fillmore Ridge Hts
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

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March 9-10, 2019

Colorado Springs, CO