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Charles R Poliquin’s Improving Body Composition Tip

No one has ever been mugged by a donut… despite the claims.

A slice of pizza cannot force itself on you. So don’t pretend you don’t have control over what you eat. You do.

Insulin is the only hormone we have 100% control over. The same is not true for the other hormones: cortisol, DHEA, etc…

Guilt and shame should be out of the picture if you want to make progress. You want to change your eating patterns? List down 5 process-based habits you can do to achieve your goals. Forget outcome-based goals, focus on the process instead.

Outcomes are meant to be measured, but a process is an action plan to get there. Frame them in the positive. Use Do’s vs Don’t’s.

A sample action process based activities list could look like this:

1. I eat one large salad at lunch time with 50 grams of animal protein.

2. I add lime to all drinking water to further alkalize my body.

3. I try out a new fruit each week for the next 6 weeks.

4. I try a new source of animal protein every week.

5. I experiment with a new recipe every Saturday.

You can also read about the Myth of Discipline to stop feeling guilt and shame and take charge of your life by adopting the right mental frame.

This article has a become a favorite of leaders in the industry. For examle, Gators coach Billy Donavan, winner of coach of the year, had his players and staff read the article. He loved it so much, that he tweeted it as one of his favorites.

Enjoy the path,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin