DB Scott Curl 2

The Sensei’s Arm Routine

As requested by popular demand, here is what Tony and I did Tuesday morning at Daine MacDonald’s Clean Health


A-1 One Arm Scott Curl with Watson Thick Dumbbell

5 x 7-9 on a 40X0 tempo, rest 100 seconds.

DB Scott Curl

DB Scott Curl 2


A2 Lying Triceps Extensions with Dr. Tom’s Combo Bar.

5 x 7-9 on a 22X0 tempo, rest 100 seconds.

Lying Triceps Extension

Lying Triceps Extension 2


B1 Incline Watson Kettlebell Curls

4 x 10-12 on a 30X0 tempo, rest 60 seconds.

KB incline curl

KB incline curl 2


B2 Overhead French Presses

4 x 15-20 on a 20X0 tempo, rest 60 seconds

Overhead Cable Triceps Extension

If you want to purchase Dr. Tom’s Combo bar: http://watsongym.co.uk/product/dr-toms-combo-bar/

A lot of you asked where to get the kettlebell handles: http://watsongym.co.uk/product/poliquin-kettlebell-handle/