Boris Sheiko

5 things I learned from Boris Sheiko

Last weekend, I  had the honor and pleasure of meeting Boris Sheiko, powerlifting coach extraordinaire, who put Russia on the map with over 40 gold medals in World Championships


Here are five gems I got from Boris Sheiko

  1. There are 10 different bar pathways in the bench press according to a study done of 200 Russian Nationals participants. No correlation between bar pathway and excellence in the bench press has been isolated. Hence, there is more than one way to skin the cat.
  2. The faster the acceleration off the chest, the higher the sticking point in the concentric range.
  3. The higher the sticking point in the concentric range, the easier it is to overcome.
  4. A week balls to the walls is always followed by a week of lesser volume. Hence, you can only train maximally one week at a time, followed by a drop in volume.
  5. Deadlift training drives squat poundages, but the reverse is not true.


If you want to excel as a strength coach, I strongly encourage you to take a Sheiko seminar. Even better is to take training sessions with him as well. You will get to be corrected by the master himself, and you will learn how to correct others.

Learn more to earn more,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin