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How to Get an Energy Boost and Better Sleep

Energy is the name of the game if you want to go through your daily activities, perform well in the gym and at work, and enjoy it all.

Sadly more and more people are chronically fatigued by our hectic modern lifestyle. Poor diet and lack of sleep being the two main culprits. As a result, people turn to excessive use of coffee or stimulants to make it through the day. But this strategy is only good for a time and the body will eventually pay the price for this pattern. Even a healthier lifestyle and a good diet won’t entirely protect you from this.

Instead of focusing on the energy part of the equation, the Yang side, pampering recovery, the Yin side yields greater results. Dietary interventions such as shifting your carbohydrate intake towards the end of they day or using supplements are, of course, viable strategies. And I encourage you to explore them. But in my experience nothing replaces a good night of sleep. And this is, to me, the most underrated factor in recovery. The epic level of insomnia in our society is witness that this seems to be the least-considered course of action… When it should in fact be the first one!

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The Better Sleep Tip: Change Your Thoughts 

Now how to sleep better, without food or supplements? It’s actually very easy and it all happens in your head. One way to get a better night of sleep and one that I’ve been using myself is to use a grateful log. I’m also going to share a great parenting tip here, as I’ve used this method with my own daughter. Indeed, changing  the quality of your thoughts right before going to bed is a great way of improving the quality of your sleep. And the most powerful mean of changing your thought is to simply feel grateful. I wrote about journaling in a grateful log  before, but with my daughter, I used this method:

Before going to sleep, ask yourself those three questions

  1. How did I help others today?
  1. How did others help me today?
  1. What did I learn?

You can ask those questions yourself, or you can ask them to your children before they go to sleep every night. And you will see that changing your thought pattern before going to sleep increase the quality of your rest. You will also notice that answering them will prompt you to act differently the day after, in order to get better quality answers on the next evening.

Coach Charles R. Poliquin