brain fog

How to Beat Brain Fog & Optimize Your Brain

Make sure you optimize your brain to make the most out of life

Nowadays, the need for performance is everywhere.  This is true even in health-conscious individual. Heck, I have already started looking into adrenal graft for my staff. This is why optimizing brain performance is a crucial knowledge to develop. Brain fog is one of the great thieve of productivity and well-being there is

It’s not just about lifestyle, either. I’ve been into optimizing the brain since 1982 for my athletes because I noticed that the more they take care of their brains, the more strength they gained. And they made gains faster. So I always make it a priority to teach my athletes various ways to take care of their neurons and improve the brain’s output.

There are many strategies to help the brain perform better, but a few staples can make a big difference. Here are my Pillars of Brain Power

Beat the Brain Fog



The better the quality of your sleep, the better the quality of every metabolic processes in your body, period. And this includes your central nervous system. During sleep, the brain cleans itself of toxins accumulated throughout the day and sorts out the information learned. Did you ever wake up with answers to questions or solutions to problems you were pondering before going to sleep? This is because your brain actualize itself during the night

Lowering Inflammation

This is a big one, as the brain is very sensitive to inflammation. High-levels of inflammation markers in the blood correlates well with a degradation of the blood-brain barrier. This is the membrane that protects your brain from everything that shouldn’t pass from the blood to the brain. The more permeable it is, the more at risk you are of developing CNS-related issues over time, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and various form of degradation of cognitive functions.


You have to feed the body right… and this includes your brain. This is why I’m such a big fan of the Meat and Nuts Breakfast™. It provides quality proteins to regulate blood sugar, an important marker of brain performance as the brain likes a stable environment. It also provides choline and tyrosine, two major building blocks for acetylcholine and dopamine, the yang neurotransmitters responsible for quick and efficient thinking, drive and focus. The more base material you have, the more your body can respond to the demand. Another big factor: unsuspected food intolerances. Ever noticed you get brain fog a few hours after eating certain foods? That is clear sign those should be avoided


I’ve been the first one in the Iron Games to notice that using brain-boosting supplements can cause improvements in strength gains. This is why I’m a firm believer in adding quality supplements to your diet. My favorites include:

Caffeine is the most common brain-boosting substance used… and abused.  Its chronic usage in our society has also contributed to adrenal issues. This is the reason I use it pre-workout but drink coffee sparingly during the rest of the day. I’ve found that my brain-enhancing hot beverage can be replaced by Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee. This is especially true for someone who travels a lot like me and often need a good quality pick-me-up. And by using the code “StrenghtSensei”, you get 10% off your order

Apply those this simple trick of always having a packet on you and you’ll never again have the jitters from visiting the coffee machine too much during a long, stressful day.

Be productive and happy

Coach Charles R. Poliquin