Assessment Is Key to Sucess: You Are Your Routine

Pretty simple. Your training needs a form of assessment. Genius is in simplicity as Einstein said.

Robin Sharma will say you are your agenda. Same concept.

If you are not satisfied with your physique or your strength levels, repeat “you are your routine” like a mantra. You will figure out what you are avoiding to get the results you want with a correct assessment.

You want the look of power? Then snatch grip deadifts, chins, dips, overhead presses, added to an impressive squat volume and voilà!

You want the shredded look? Then try 30 to 36 sets a workout, low rest intervals, reps taken to concentric failure, and here you go.

You are your routine. Don’t know what to do? Hire outside help!  Or read this website

As Socrates said, a life not examined is not worth living. Make “you are your routine” a motto, and you are on your way to achieve your goals.


Coach Charles R. Poliquin