Another Great Resource for the Personal Trainer

Science based program design and nutrition is necessary. However, it takes years before researchers catch up to clinicians.

For example, the first peer review study on Cluster Training came out in 2008. The researchers called it ‘novel’. However, is sixty years old ‘novel’?

This very effective method for developing relative strength was used for over 60 years before the research was done… Do the math: 15 Olympic cycles…

Ayurvedic and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) have been around for thousands of years and have healed millions before any Western research has been done on the mechanisms of these healing systems. Like Cluster Training, the results were there before the research…by a few thousand years.

clareOne of my top European students, Clare Rooney has just published a book that integrates both the Western scientific approach and the Eastern medical systems in order to provide people guidance in achieving optimal health and strength levels. It makes a very interesting read on how one system can explain the other. In her book, she brings clearly to attention the importance of the foundational elements that impact our health.

Where Can I Purchase This Book?