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10 Leg Workouts: Grow Bigger & Stronger Quads

Are you ready to limp to get new strength and muscle gains?

Here are 10 leg workouts that will help you achieve the legs you want

Option 1: The Klokov Time Under Tension Complex.

Front squat for a single going down for 10 seconds, pausing for 2 seconds in the bottom, come up as fast possible. Rerack the bar and using the same weight, move on to back squats with the same tempo. Rest 3 minutes. Repeat for six more complexes.

I suggest using your 6 R.M. front squat as a starting weight.

Option 2: Snatch Deadlifts From a Deficit with Pauses.

Take the bar and deadlift from a deficit using a snatch grip. Use a slow tempo of 3 seconds to bring the bar up to just under the knee caps. Stay there for another 3 seconds. Finish the movement, do 5 sets of 3 with a constant load. Only increase the load if you can do all the reps for the sets.

Option 3: Heavy Squats, Loaded Squat Jumps Complex

Do a full back squat for 6 R.M., rest 10 seconds, do six explosive loaded squat jumps with 20% of the load you did on back squats. Make sure you go down a third of the way before exploding up. Rest 3 minutes between complexes. Do 5 total complexes.

Expect some serious DOMS from that one.

Option 4: Deficit Deadlifts/Drop Lunges Complexes

Do a deficit snatch deadlift for 6 R.M. on a 40X0 tempo. Roll the bar back out of the way. Grap a pair of dumbbells a do 12 drop lunges per leg stepping down from the deficit, alternating legs. Take 3 minutes rest between complexes.

Option 5: 2 Minutes Leg Presses

Take a weight that you can move for 2 minutes straight, the last 30 seconds should be excruciating. Do 3 total sets, rest 4 minutes between sets.

Option 6: Heavy Squats, Hurdle Jumps Complex

Do a full back squat for 6 R.M., rest 10 seconds, jump consecutively over 6 hurdles. Set the hurdles so that you have about 10 cm of clearance. You don’t want to make them so high that you put your gonads at risk. Rest 3 minutes between complexes. Do 5 total complexes.

Concentrate on keeping your ground contact to a minimum. Explosion is key!

Option 7: Alternate Between Heavy Partials Inertia Squats and Full Range Squats

Set a power rack so the pins are a bottom of rib cage when standing with the feet at shoulder width.

Do a heavy partial squats of 3-5 reps where the bar is paused on the pins for 2 seconds. It will force you to overcome inertia on every rep.

Rest 10 seconds

Do a full back squat for 6 R.M.

Rest 3 minutes

The heavy partials will fool your nervous system in finding the 6 R.M. light. Plus the heavy partials will overload the bar a segment of the range of motion that is not overloaded by your regular squats.

Do 4 to 5 of these alternates

Option 8: Omni Squat Routine

You do 3 types of different squats, over 9 sets, rest 3 minutes between each sets

Set 1, 4 & 7 Quad Squats

Heels elevated, heels 10-15 cm apart, elbows under bar 8 reps, narrow grip on bar, elbows are kept under the bar.

Set 2, 5, & 8 Paused Front Squats

Go down for 3 seconds, pause for 2 seconds in bottom position, go up fast, 6 reps

Set 3, 6 & 9

Olympic Back Squat Klokov style: Feet externally rotated, elbows under the bar, keep knees. Do 6 reps on a 30X0 tempo.

Option 9: High Rep Dumbbell Deadlifts

This is murder by deadlift courtesy of Dr. Ken Leistner. You do 50 reps of dumbbell deadlifts, 3 sets. Yes 50 reps, yes 3 sets. The key is that you pause the dumbbells on the floor so the plates cover the floor on every rep. A rep is only counted if the entire plates on both side of the dumbbells make a brief contact with the ground.

Also makes for a great back builder. And a super lung scorcher… Great conditioning tool for the martial artists.

Option 10: Powerful triset

A-1) Front Squats 4-6 reps, using a 32X0 tempo. Rest 10 seconds, move on to A-2

A-2) Machine Hack Squats: 1 set of 6 to 8 reps, using a 5010 tempo, rest 10 seconds, move to A-2

A-3) 45-Degree Leg Presses: 1 set of 12 to 15 reps, using a 2010 tempo. Rest 3 minutes, repeat the cycle 3 more times

Now, how do you integrate this in a routine? You can do each option 1 for 4 workouts, then move to option 2 for another 4 workouts and so on. Or you can move through each option from 1 to 10, and then repeat the cycle 3 more times. That is particularly good if daily variation is important to you.

Frank Zane espoused this approach in his conquest for 3 Mr. Olympia titles.

Enjoy the growth,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin