Strength Sensei Update

Charles passing has given rise to all kind of questions – some more legitimate than others – What exactly happened? Who is doing all the talking now? What about the classes? Who can the fitness community turn to now? Who is going to be the next Charles?

Why Should You Choose Charles R. Poliquin?

He Gets Results!!

Watch the video and hear for yourself how he has helped Olympic and World champions for a few decades now!

Why Strength Sensei

See why Strength Sensei is the best out there. Read What Top Athletes Say About Charles R. Poliquin...

I was faster and stronger than ever after my program with Mr. Poliquin. I enter the 2004 season as a contender to win the Olympics in the long jump. My very first meet I set a personal best of 8.47 meters. I set another personal best at the Olympics with a jump of 8.59 meters.I attribute a lot of my success to coach Poliquin developing a perfect training regime that lead to me peaking at the Olympic Games. I’m forever in debt.

Dwight Phillips

2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion in Long Jump

And here is What Students and Dojo Of Strength Members Say...

I’ve taken 13 of Charles’s courses over the last 18 months. Being new to the industry and looking to open my own place, I wanted to be as jacked as possible with the best information out there. With nearly 4 decades of in the trenches hard work and proven results, there was only one choice for me, get on a plane and learn. 10 months ago I opened my place thanks to the amazing amount of knowledge I had gained, which gave me the confidence to do so. Knowledge without action is wasted... In such a cut throat industry, and the social media geniuses who produce nothing... it is a good place to be when you are solid in your knowledge base. I have Charles and his team to thank for that. The unseen side of attending the courses is that I have got to meet some amazing coaches with a growth mindset and trained in some amazing gyms around the world. The classes will not only give you a huge return on your investment, but taking yourself out of your safe space makes you grow as a person as well.

Amanda Daffurn - Owner Body Strong Ltd

Taking Classes since 2016

Hello everyone! I want to take a moment to encourage everyone to sign up for the Strength Dojo when it opens up again. It has single handedly been the best investment of my adult life. As a personal trainer and firefighter my physical and mental performance are of the utmost importance to me and I am constantly trying to improve both. The following are a list of improvements I have noticed since joining the Dojo 6 months ago. -better body composition -higher levels of strength -improved V02 max -better understanding of physiology, biomechanics and anatomy -improved cognition and memory -improved business -improved performance in the fire hall - faster decision making skills -faster problem solving skills -lower stress -better sleep -higher levels of energy - Improved understanding of nutrition and supplementation I'm positive there are MANY more benefits to joining the Dojo and cannot express enough how fortunate I am to get coaching from a personal hero and role model. Charles R. Poliquin, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope this has encouraged you all and I hope to see you all in the Dojo!!!

Michael DeFrancesco

Dojo Member since Mar 2017

I am so damned happy to be following these routines made available by Mr. Poliquin. Had to really curtail my training during med school, now that I have graduated I can dedicate time to intensive training. I am a fan of his because his methods have scientific basis as well as evidence of real world success. There is no better way to train in my humble opinion. Anyway I am just supremely pleased and thankful to have the opportunity to participate in these routines. Life is good.

Dr. Aaron Whitten

Dojo Member since Jul 2017

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