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Lift Heavy To Age Gracefully

When Lifting Heavy Can Enhance Your Quality of Life Dynapenia: Underappreciated Influence in Healthy Aging In the functional, naturopathic, and allopathic medical communities, there’s usually a lot of focus on children’s health: autism spectrum disorders, the increasing incidence of food allergies, proper diagnosis of ADD and ADHD, and more. But what about the health and
Life sends you reality checks when you least expect them. Just recently I had one when I saw that Arnold Schwarzenegger just celebrated his 70th birthday. 70 years old, the Oak? Didn’t he just win his last Mr. O like a couple of years ago? Talk about aging fast! Actually a back-to-back slap in the face
energy, Yin Reserve
Fact: we live in a stressful, productivity-driven society that imposes a fast pace upon us. We therefore need as much energy as we can muster if we want a shot at performing well in all areas of life. Sadly, more and more people are chronically fatigued by modern-day hectic lifestyle. As a result many turn to stimulants
biceps, pico del bíceps
The biceps is the importanter muscle of the body, if you judge by the volume of articles and publications It certainly is the muscle group that has the most mystique, especially among young trainees chasing after the elusive biceps peak. This is in fact a good development of the long head of the biceps. Say