low magnesium
Is magnesium deficiency halting your gains? To be valid, every hormone or mineral evaluation must be tested in the right compartment. Even if it is commonly prescribed, the serum magnesium test is a poor indicator of magnesium levels as serum magnesium represents only 1% of the body’s stores. Low serum magnesium indicates severe deficiency. Red blood cell magnesium
zinc deficiency inflammation
A guest Blog by Designs for Health Zinc is where it’s at! Zinc has a long history known as the mineral of the immune system. New research from Oregon State University demonstrated that it appears to affect how the immune system responds to inflammation. A zinc deficiency may play a role in chronic diseases that involve
Every serious trainee needs a physiological assessment. Why? You need to know what your limiting factors and your strengths are before you embark on a program and fashion the behaviors associated with those goals. Lets say you want to lose fat. Your main enemy is the fact that you never met a carbohydrate that you
vegan diet
Vegan clients typically score poorly on some vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Here is the list based on comprehensive metabolic profiles and amino acid profiles. B12 Zinc Carnosine Taurine and of course carnitine. Therefore, you can maximize your vegan clients’ training response by supplementing those nutrients that will satisfy the bodily needs which the vegan diet
Zinc deficiency
You need to get your red blood cell zinc levels tested if you are serious about your strength training efforts I consider red blood cell zinc level testing one of the five most important cheap test to do. Since optimal zinc status or zinc deficiency, depending on which side of the fence you are standing,