How much volume should one undergo for maximal results in the gym? I just posted on Facebook that I needed some subjects to write on. Ed Coan, multiple world record holder, multiple time world champion in powerlifting is actually the one who asked this question about volume. The question can only be answered if you
heavy-light hypertrophy program
In this article I will give you a great workout to increase muscle mass on the chest and back. I know this training method works because I’ve used it with my clients. I can also assure you it is not the “single best chest and shoulder workout”. Simply because there is no such thing. The
German Volume Training
This article is a classic that has been plagiarized countless times. Supersets and tri-sets allow you to perform a lot of work in a short period of time. The rest-pause method allows you to use heavier weights, so you can recruit the higher threshold muscle fibers, and eccentric training enables you to overcome strength plateaus.
Here are a few behind the scene videos of what you can expect at an Hypertrophy Bootcamp This is what YOU will got through at an Hypertrophy Bootcamp: gut-busting workouts, personalized attention from coach Charles R. Poliquin and his elite staff, cutting edge hypertrophy methodology and the best protocols in the field Here is a sample
multi-angle giant set
Today, we have IFBB pro Cynthia Benoit doing a machine based upper back hypertrophy circuit. It is a great change of pace workout if heavy chins or rows are out of the question today. As John Meadows has shown over and over again, multiple angles and volume gets your back to grow fast. You already
back hypertrophy
I first learned about Giant Sets through the writing of Don Ross in Iron Man magazine. They are particularly effective when training legs and back without having to go heavy. It is the multiple angles of work and the total time under tension that make them so effective for back hypertrophy. Milos Sarcev and John Meadows
Today, we have IFBB pro Cynthia Benoit doing a routine that aims at recruiting the clavicular portion of pectoral muscles. This part of the pec is better known in gym talk as the upper pecs. As seen in the attached video, the giant set looks like this: A-1) 45 Degree Incline Dumbbell Presses: 6-12 to reps
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Without a doubt, nothing will ever beat chins/pull-ups and free weight rows in developing a large and thick upper back. Especially if your lats have as much meat on them as a fly has on its wings. However, the devil is often in the detail. For physique competitors, edging out detail is crucial Here is
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Bi-lateral deficit means that one side is under-developed compared to the other. I get this question often in a form or another. Such as this one from Kostas Paraskevopoulos: Greetings from Greece coach!!!!!! I would like to ask if you could please make an article on weak bodypart training, specifically right side vs left side of the
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Can you predict how big your triceps can get? In my experience, yes. There are two predictor lifts for this. You can do as many triceps pushdowns and cable extensions as you want, you will never have big triceps unless you can overhead press and close grip bench press impressive weights. If you were to