How much volume should one undergo for maximal results in the gym? I just posted on Facebook that I needed some subjects to write on. Ed Coan, multiple world record holder, multiple time world champion in powerlifting is actually the one who asked this question about volume. The question can only be answered if you
Five Lessons from Chuck Sipes People who have taken my seminars know that I always give credit where it is due. Today, I will tell you what I have learned from Chuck Sipes. (’59 IFBB Mr. America, ’61 Mr. Universe , ’66 Mr. Olympia 4th place and ’68 Mr. World) . He was particularly known for his
In many sports people want to  increase maximal strength without increasing their bodyweight. The reason could be aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, weight class sports, or aesthetics (figure skating, syncro-swimming etc..). Even though it is not in the rule books, artistic sports athletes get marked down if they are too muscular. This workout is rather severe – we will
I get a lot of demand for routines for the posterior chain. This is a great program to target that area. A-1 Lying Leg Curls  Feet Inward 4 x 6-9 reps on a 20X0 tempo, rest 10 seconds A-2 Drop Lunges 4 x 8-12 reps on a 10X0 tempo, rest 10 seconds A-3 Dumbbell High
  Muscle growth is not a linear process. Making no progress for months is quite common in most trainees. Give each one of those strategies at least a fair three weeks to show their effects.   Do a calves & forearms workout only, once every 5 days I suggest you specialize just on calves and
Glute Hypertrophy Workout Try this Hypertrophy workout for great glutes!  Wide Stance Back Squats 5 x 6-8 on a 40X0 tempo, rest 10 seconds.   Farmers Walk 5 x 40 meters on a X0X0 tempo, rest 180 seconds  Drop Lunges 4 x 10-12 on a 20X0 tempo, rest 10 seconds.  Forward Sled Drags 4 x 40
Functional hypertrophy routine for the chest and back.
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Nick Mitchell, once upon learning that I was coming back on social media last year, asked to publish routines. Here is a great hamstrings and delts program for hypertrophy. yes, it is twice a day training. You want results? Rule #1, no pissing no moaning.
If your hamstrings are underpar, this article is for you. The following guidelines will help you achieve your training goal of more hypertrophy in the hamstrings: 1. Put more emphasis on stretching. More often than enough I have seen advanced trainees a new growth spurt in the legs after embarking on a stretching program. Why?
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Besides the competitive Olympic lifting exercises and their assistance exercises, one of my favorite exercises to develop the traps is the one-arm barbell shrug. This exercise is great for stimulating strength and size gains in the traps, and offers several advantages over conventional shoulder shrug exercises. Why is the one arm barbell shrug a superior
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