strength training
Unless you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, or elite-level athlete, there’s no need to complicate your strength training regimen.  And although I’m reluctant to say it, there’s no need to do strength training more than 3 times a week for any longer than 45 minutes.  The key, in both cases, is maximizing your time in the gym,
perfect rep
In life you either have a result or an excuse The perfect repetition is the most basic of all strength training loading parameters. It actually influences all the other loading such as sets and choice of exercise. Yet, most trainees fail to observe the basics of a good rep. Hence, they lack progress. In life
Power lifts
Guest blog by coach Roland Jung 5 Essential Takeaways for the Achieving Excellence in the Power Lifts in Toronto A few weeks ago I took the Achieving Excellence In The Power Lifts seminar in Toronto, Canada with Charles Poliquin, Ed Coan and Matt Wenning. While both Charles and some students have already posted great summaries
posterior chain
I get a lot of demand for glutes building routines.  This is a great posterior chain program to target that area.   A-1 Lying Leg Curls, Feet Inward A-2 Drop Lunges A-3 Dumbbell High Bench Steps Do for 6 workouts, then switch to part 2 that will come in a few weeks.   Enjoy the results, Coach Charles
glute hypertrophy workout
Glute Hypertrophy Workout Try this glute hypertrophy workout for a great derrière!  Wide Stance Back Squats 5 x 6-8 on a 40X0 tempo, rest 10 seconds.   Farmers Walk 5 x 40 meters on a X0X0 tempo, rest 180 seconds  Drop Lunges 4 x 10-12 on a 20X0 tempo, rest 10 seconds.  Forward Sled Drags 4
omni arm workout

Sleeve Busting Omni Arm Workout

Do your arms need a jolt to grow? Then do this routine for fast growth in size and strength. Pain and gain guaranteed This omni arm workout uses the most bang for your buck exercises, done at a variety of angles of pulls over a great range of reps, hence the “omni” part of the name. The routine
post tetanic facilitation
Doing better on chin-ups translates well into better performance. Whether it is in all grappling sports, canoeing or kayaking,  all sports where upper body pulling increases force to that given motor pattern will benefit from an increase in chin-up performance Inevitably you will encounter a plateau in the number of chins, or the load you use
Glute exercises have always been a very important part of women’s workout regimen For as long as I can remember, glute exercises have always been in fashion. There were even fad training gimmicks looking like two ski poles. Those poles were fixed on the ground. Their purpose were to help women do more lunges in order to develop those
Most trainees fail to achieve big arms because they do all their curls with a supinated grip In other words, by working their arms this way, they fail to maximize the recruitment of the brachialis muscle, which lies under the biceps brachii. Even though the brachialis is always recruited in any type of curls, it is
erector spinae
Here’s a great way to build the erector spinae. I call it a retro workout because the routine was devised in the past, and is true to the workouts of old-time lifters and bodybuilders. This program is excellent to build up the look of power as my mentor Anthony Ditillo use to call it It