jus de citron
There is another one morning habit besides the meat and nuts breakfast that yields impressive results with minimal preparation time. That habit is drinking a glass of water with lime and salt upon waking up. It is a very effective trick that improves 3 major body systems in one sweeping gesture. In fact, it will positively impact
nutrition 101
If you look back and examine the trends of health-conscious eating in the past 30 years. You will see that when it comes to what we “should” be eating. Experts have changed their minds more than we care to keep track of.  We have been told to focus on healthy grains. Then advised to avoid fat. Or
rainbow diet
The concept of the rainbow diet, that is, eating foods of many colors, is certainly not new. I first came across it in the late seventies. The mastermind behind the concept is the late Paul Patterson, an educator with the Coaching Association of Canada. The first premise of the Rainbow diet was to stay away from