carbohydrate, carbohidratos
Guest blog by Designs for Health High-carbohydrate foods are rewarding to the mouth Biting into a glazed donut, with the subtle crunch of the sugar coating giving way to soft, pillowy dough underneath, can instantly transform a mind-numbing work meeting into a temporary visit to one’s proverbial “happy place.” (That is, until the guilt sets
Carbohydrates, carbs, starches Fats used to be evil, now they have been justly rehabilitated. In the U.S., polarization is the norm. Carbohydrates are no exception. Some people claim that the quality does not matter as long as you watch your calories. In other words, a blender drink of soft drinks, leftover pizza and a few Cadbury’s Turkish Delight
Sugar toxicity
We are all somewhat aware of sugar toxicity and dentists have told us for years that sugar consumption will rotten our teeth But can it be true also for the brain? Apparently, yes! As it turns out sugar toxicity is a real health concern. We know that the average American consumes 71 kg of sugar