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Unless you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, or elite-level athlete, there’s no need to complicate your strength training regimen.  And although I’m reluctant to say it, there’s no need to do strength training more than 3 times a week for any longer than 45 minutes.  The key, in both cases, is maximizing your time in the gym,
Power & Mass Bootcamp – 5-Day Internship with Coach Poliquin   This is the workshop where you will learn every trick in the book to put on some serious muscle mass and develop amazing strength. Most people waste an inordinate amount of time and money for the quest for hypertrophy and maximal strength. Save time,
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How To Warm Up The Right Way

The Three Principles for a great warm-up for strength training Some background info If there is one area where advice in strength training is more  often than enough moronic , it is for warm-ups. You know the type that recommends this to warm up: cariocas to warm up for squats, having intercourse with foam rollers on
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How much volume should one undergo for maximal results in the gym? I just posted on Facebook that I needed some subjects to write on. Ed Coan, multiple world record holder, multiple time world champion in powerlifting is actually the one who asked this question about volume. The question can only be answered if you
Power lifts
Guest blog by coach Roland Jung 5 Essential Takeaways for the Achieving Excellence in the Power Lifts in Toronto A few weeks ago I took the Achieving Excellence In The Power Lifts seminar in Toronto, Canada with Charles Poliquin, Ed Coan and Matt Wenning. While both Charles and some students have already posted great summaries
by Moritz Klatten, Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany An advanced training method to take fighters to the next level of athletic fitness In bodybuilding, the toughest body part to train is said to be the calves. The reason is that they are constantly working throughout the day. So in order to make them grow you have to
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You are about to listen to Michael Covel and Charles R. Poliquin – Unfiltered, blunt, and organic!  No nonsense – he gets down to the truth! Michael Covel is the voice of Trend Following Radio with 3M+ listeners and bestselling author of TurtleTrader & the classic Trend Following. Michael has an impressive Trend Following guest list! The list
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Being a good strength coach means constant evolution, growth and learning This Christmas will mark the 38 year anniversary of receiving my first set of York weights and bench from my brother. I was a 14 year old freshman in high school. I followed the manual religiously. Little did I know that this would shape my
No matter how effective an exercise is, overuse can keep you from gaining strength and muscle mass Worse, even great lifts like chin-ups can lead to pathologies similar to repetitive pattern conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. One mistake I often see when applying the most bang for your exercise principle is that trainees only do the ones
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Success requires plans. You fail to plan, you plan to fail. No excuses accepted! One of my favorite bodybuilder of the eighties was Rich Gaspari Strong, dedicated, ambitious. Weak pro bodybuilders has always been a pet peeve of mine. Loads of muscle and no strength? Not impressive. On the other hand with Gaspari, one could