Kinetic chain enhancement, kce
Kinetic Chain Enhancement – Squat & Deadlift Module   The Kinetic Chain Enhancement method combines a number of effective soft tissue techniques to primarily achieve the result of recalibrating muscle/fascia and connective tissue.
kinetic chain enhancement
Kinetic Chain Enhancement & Strength Athlete… or how the Strength Sensei Beats Up Mark Bell Kinetic Chain Enhancement (KCE) has been around for about 20 years now. It is one of my best kept secret to dramatically improve the strength and range of motion of athletes right on the field. In this video, you can see
football players
by Moritz Klatten, Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany The benefits and risks of having young football players lift weights There is no question that weight training will make football players better. It will enable them to run faster, jump higher, and kick harder. It will also help reduce the risk of injuries and get football players back
perfect rep
In life you either have a result or an excuse The perfect repetition is the most basic of all strength training loading parameters. It actually influences all the other loading such as sets and choice of exercise. Yet, most trainees fail to observe the basics of a good rep. Hence, they lack progress. In life
squats facts
Squat – A natural movement Crouching down is a natural movement. Almost all of us did it as infants to pick something up and it is common in many parts of the world as a waiting position or for food intake. By the way, those are part of the world, where back disorders are not
ankle flexibility
Often, trainees are so inflexible in the ankles that they can’t can keep their heels on the ground while squatting or even deadlifting. In this case, you may want them to stretch thoroughly their gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. Don’t let poor ankle flexibility limit your performance on squats and deadlifts. First, take a marker of
deep squat
ATG Squats, otherwise known as “ass-to-grass” squats, have always been a staple of proper strength and conditioning. It requires to check your ego at the gym entrance, since getting out of the hole is often a weak point, but the athletic transfer as well as the gains in muscle mass and functional strength are well