perfect rep
In life you either have a result or an excuse The perfect repetition is the most basic of all strength training loading parameters. It actually influences all the other loading such as sets and choice of exercise. Yet, most trainees fail to observe the basics of a good rep. Hence, they lack progress. In life
reps and sets
How many reps for how many sets? is probably one of the most frequently asked questions a strength coach gets. There are literally hundreds of great reps and sets schemes. However, one of my favorite was taught to me by a former Mr. Universe by the name of André Maillé. Not only was he ultra
neck training

Is Neck Training Important?

Short answer? Yes! Long answer? Yes, neck training is important! Neck training is critical for the following cases: – All contact sports where blows to the head are common, such as ice hockey, rugby, American football, and virtually all martial arts. A strong neck diminishes the severity of concussions as it minimizes in brain rattling
drop sets
I get this question often: “I had an argument with my training partner about drop sets and was wondering if you could solve it for us. “I would just kick my training partner’s ass, but I married her a few years ago and would like to not to have to sleep on the couch. “Let’s