The Magnesium Supplement Issue… We are constantly being told that magnesium is essential for our health and that we are chronically deficient in it. But what we are not told is what to look for in a magnesium supplement. The truth of the matter is that not all  supplements are the same quality. Not only
Often people ask me for gym recommendations in specific cities/countries. Those communications range from colleagues to guys who run protective details. The guys asking are always 40 plus in age, as they value where they train, and come from an era with a large emphasis on the growth mindset. I just got an email from
organic egg
One the best foods nature can offer is eggs. With good intent, many of my readers will buy so called organic eggs from the health food store or supermarket. The reality is rather disturbing, there are no guarantees that the organic eggs are actually organic/cage free and superior in nutrient density. Here is the reality
vegan diet
Vegan clients typically score poorly on some vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Here is the list based on comprehensive metabolic profiles and amino acid profiles. B12 Zinc Carnosine Taurine and of course carnitine. Therefore, you can maximize your vegan clients’ training response by supplementing those nutrients that will satisfy the bodily needs which the vegan diet