Guest blog by Annette Verpillot, President, Posturepro  Here’s what you need to know… 1. Bad posture increases muscle strain and tension, as muscles that are not aligned are forced to work harder to fight gravity. 2. Bad posture increases risk of back pain, nerve impingement and slipped disks, because the spine does not have the
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back pain
Guest blog by Annette Verpillot, President, Posturepro “Approximately 80 percent of Americans will suffer back pain in their lives, and at any given time 20 percent of American are suffering from some level of back pain.” These statistics have been recited so many times for the past four decades that its source has become a
Guest blog by Mat Boulé, Faculty Member at and Osteopath & Posturologist at Clinique Médicale de Santé Globale Brouillard In my latest blog for the Strength Sensei, I discussed the importance of motor patterns, as they are the foundation of all movement. The concept of muscle chains was also spoken of as these muscle