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I always talk about the importance of a good breakfast, my favorite being the Meat and Nuts Breakfast™. The saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is very true. Not only will it sets your neurotransmitters for the remainder of the day, it will also give you energy and focus. If
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Skinny fat is an oxymoron Like an under billing attorney or a Mensa society cheerleader Skinny usually is associated with underweight, while fat is associated with overweight. Skinny fat refers to someone with unappreciable levels of muscle mass associated to a high percentage of body fat. Basically, not a great sales point for mating season… Here
If you’ve ever taken the time to consider the effort involved to get 1 almond from a tree, you’ll quickly understand why eating ‘a few’ nuts is more realistic than eating ‘a whole bag.’ Since there’s less than 0.02% separating us genetically, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our optimal nutrition strategy is closely
You should rotate the nuts you use for the Meat and Nuts Breakfast. Be it only for the sake of your taste buds and sanity, but also to reap the most benefits from these nutrient bombs. In this video series Coach Poliquin talks about the benefits and individual value of different types of nuts. This
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In case of emergency after a terror donuts attack, break the glass and reach for your bag of pistachios. Most Valuable Player in glucose crisis management, pistachios are also a great option for the meat and nuts breakfast. You should rotate the nuts you use for the Meat and Nuts Breakfast. Be it only for

Should you soak your nuts?

Do you soak your nuts? I use two means: the bathtub, or the ocean… All kidding aside, you get more nutrient value from nuts and seeds if you soak them, and then dehydrate them. Kimi Harris, The Nourishing Gourmet, has a great post on this: http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/2008/07/soaking-nuts.html If you are looking for ideas for recipes, she
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