Why customizing macro-nutrients is an individualization game It may come as a surprise to some, but my psychic abilities gravitate on the low side of the spectrum. And as much as I would like to answer your questions about your specific macro-nutrients ratios, the reality is that it is simply not possible. In all fairness,
Femmes, déjeuner et soya Voilà une conversation typique que j’ai avec la Cliente Féminine Soucieuse de sa Santé (CFSS) qui chercher à mincir.   CFSS: Merci de m’éduquer sur ce qu’est un bon déjeuner. Je ne suis pas sûre d’avoir saisi les quantités, combien de viande et de noix devrais-je manger? CP: Bienvenue! Pour commencer, un
I get this question literally hundreds times a day: how does one solve the equation for proper ratio of carbs, fats and protein, in relation to proper caloric prescription? John Meadows has been working on that problem for a few decades. He actually, in collaboration with Frank Mingst, came up with this gem: Adjusting Meal
If you’ve started obsessing over your macros, and live in dreadful fear of anything fat… you might have fallen prey to the food police. Read on, and educate yourself with this compilation of links that debunk common dietary myths. 1. You count calories, and grams of fats To know more: The Rainbow Diet  and Can Sugar
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Food choice
The most important factor is food selection. When selecting meals, people often make their food choice based on one of the following dogmas: Low carb? Pork rinds and Diet Coke is sure low carb yet worthless in terms of nutritional value. Low fat? The examples for this poor choice are too numerous. Lets just take one example. Zero or